Muddled thinking will be the death knell of our societies

Muddled thinking rules.  Our societies do not need ‘green’ jobs, see below, they need jobs that will ‘maximize the value they add to society, at minimum resource intensity and loss’. Quality jobs in quality organisations, on the sustainabilty journey!

Many will be in renewables, the effective use of energy and working to continually reduce the resource intensity of products and services.

By educating and working to liberate our ingenuity, many will be in industries and services not yet envisioned.

What we must recognize that if we are to achieve this, whilst some businesses will lever an ethical stance to their advantage, most businesses cannot decide what constitutes adding value to society; only society can, in the form of customer’s wants and government’s willingness to let them be supplied.

A prime example is the UK Government’s decision to allow the provision, at extreme resource intensity, of an extra runway at Heathrow, when any objective analysis of the energy situation says that air travel will only be a niche market in a few years time.


Green Jobs Could Top 37M in 2030: Report

The two industries hold the the potential of generating 37 million jobs by 2030, but this will be more difficult to achieve without the proper policies in place at the federal and state levels, according to the American Solar Energy Society and Management Information Services Inc., which together released the report, “Defining, Estimating and Forecasting the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries in the U.S. and in Colorado.”

Aggressive policies are needed immediately to maximize green jobs gains, especially in later years, according to lead author Roger Bezdek of Management Information Services. “Every year we lose on the front end has a negative and unfortunate impact at the back end,” Bezdek said in a conference call with reporters Thursday……………

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