Quality Failure at Primark

 Another example of the lack  of  understanding pervading our economies of the risks and possible costs of failing to do the ‘right thing’ and do it ‘right every time’ – of our failure to grasp that our ‘quality of life’ can only be improved by concentrating on improving the ‘quality’ of the goods and services we consume.

see also https://trailblazerbusinessfutures.wordpress.com/?s=Culpability


Primark linked to UK sweatshops  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7824291.stm

Factory workers making clothes destined for fashion chain Primark work up to 12 hours a day for £3.50 an hour, an undercover BBC investigation has found. 

Supplier TNS Knitwear was also found to be employing illegal workers in poor conditions at its Manchester factory.

A previous BBC investigation found Primark contractors were employing children in slum workshops in India.

TNS has denied all the claims. Primark says it is “extremely concerned” and is carrying out its own investigation.

Primark is best known for its cheap fashion clothing and bucked the trend on Britain’s high street last year to make a £233m profit.

On its website, it claims to deliver fast fashion without breaking its ethical code or exploiting its workers, but the BBC has uncovered evidence that shows some of its manufacturers are doing so. 


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