Energy Productivity is the Key

 The critical point here is that we need massively increased energy and resource productivity, or as this Blog prefers, massively reduced ‘resource intensity’ to fit the One Planet Equation.

For two hundred years we have been removing ‘ingenuity’ from processes by continuously replacing people with fossil fuel energy. Energy Productivity is the key, we have plenty of people on the planet – the only renewable resource available that comes with ingenuity attached, which we criminally squander.


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Is Obama Really Bad at Math?

By Eric Bolling
Co-host, “Happy Hour,” FOX Business Network/Host, “The Strategy Room,”

…………………………..And Now, a Word About Government Jobs

Have ya been to the post office lately or the DMV? How do you feel about waiting in bumper to bumper traffic for 40 minutes and finally getting to the source? Ever been held up by a road crew with a guy jack hammering and six crew members standing around sipping coffee? Have you ever sat in line waiting for one bank teller to help you wondering while three others over there are just chatting with each other? (Here’s a trick. If you ever need anything that involves a government employee to help you, try this. Find out exactly what time the facility closes and get there 5 minutes before closing. You will be amazed how fast the lines move when it gets close to closing time and there are still customers aka taxpayers on line.)

Bottom line: It matters little what number Obama throws out there –3 million, 4 million jobs created, saved, created and saved. Heck, he may as well have promised a trillion jobs, one for each dollar we print and spend.

What America needs is productivity. We need jobs that come as a result of free enterprise, free markets and capitalism, not free money. I happened to jot down the following quote as Obama spoke about the economy last week at George Mason University. Toward the end of his speech, he said, “We need to put money into the pockets of Americans.” What does Obama mean when he aims to “put money into the pockets”? Shouldn’t we focus on creating opportunity for Americans to earn money, start and grow businesses, build equity in homes, work, earn, live? There are ways better ways to build a solid economic foundation rather than sponsoring an unmotivated, unproductive work force that has little incentive to create and innovate.



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