World Leadership in Crisis

 It is clear, as Jean Lowrie Chin observes below, that we have a leadership crisis, where Leaders are ill-prepared, unwilling or unable to take a strategic view and the concomitant decisions required. It is also incontestable, from the links in previous posts and the Presentation by Fatih Birol at A Speech by Fatih Birol on IEA Report, Financial Crisis, Coal, Depletion, etc. ; that the tap closing on Russian Gas is just a rehearsal for a similar global event in a short time, even in human terms, with no possibility of turning the tap back on.

By negligence or design, we will transition to a low carbon world soon and irrespective of our actions the planet will adapt, without mercy or respect for the human species. The path we must take is clear, although many of the solutions are not. To maintain a sufficient supply of goods and services for human comfort, we must throw all our effort into reducing the resource intensity of the processes used in their creation, use and disposal.

The most important point to realise and focus on, is that the least resource intensive process is the one that doesn’t exist.

For over forty years John Adair has evangelized on the importance of Leadership in organisations and build his concept of Action Centred Leadership on the three overlapping, Venn, circles below The three circles define ‘needs’ not wants or desires. If we had listened to John, those 40 years ago then we might have created increasingly sustainable post-industrial societies in the West, driving continual improvement globally,  meeting  more than just our needs, but we failed, perhaps even to meet these.

We now have to enable politcians to take the strategic decisions, we have no choice, no doubt the European States short of gas are pondering this now.

The Neverending Journey continues and the future will arrive; how much we can enjoy it is up to us.



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      Crisis in world leadershipJEAN LOWRIE-CHIN
Monday, January 12, 2009



“Every crisis is a growth” was a comforting catchphrase when I was in high school. But we can find little comfort in the terrible human suffering from Jamaica’s inner-city communities to the Middle East and elsewhere.

Then there is the less obvious suffering of the millions across the world who have been losing their jobs. One eyewitness, who was at Lehman Brothers the day those hallowed halls closed down, saw employees stocking up on sandwiches, chips, anything in the corporate cafeteria – the money they had put on their lunch cards would evaporate in a few hours.

With the sight of every injured child, we grow impatient of our leaders. With the massive redundancies, we are sickened by the careless spending of those who benefited from emergency bailouts. Imagine those CEOs from the auto industry in Detroit flying into Washington in their private jets to beg for a bailout. Any second now, we are going to hear them declare like the pathetically out-of-touch Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake!”

The world is suffering from a deep crisis in leadership. How could the leaders of Israel and Palestine allow a situation to deteriorate to the point where there is so much trauma and loss of life to civilians on both sides? Leaders are supposed to be head and shoulders above the rest – wise and responsible. Their campaign promises are centred on providing the best living conditions possible if they are elected. They should be protectors of their people and keepers of the peace………………

……………………. They say that people get the leaders they deserve. Unfortunately, we are also choosing on behalf of our trusting children. That should give us pause. We should insist on higher standards from heads of state and business, lest our children fall victim to the machinations and greed of inferior leaders.


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