All-Electric Superbike



The world’s fastest all-electric superbike has been unveiled at the International Bike Show in Birmingham.

British engineers took an existing GSX-R750 frame and running gear and retrofitted it with two 43bhp electric motors from Brighton-based Agni Motors. The result is 11kg lighter than the stock standard bike, with a top speed of 125mph.

The TTX01 is a foretaste of what is to come at next year’s Isle of Man TT races. As part of the overall event, a special zero-emission TTX GP is taking place in which 62 entries from 22 countries will compete on battery power alone.

Organiser Azhar Hussain commissioned the bike. He said: “One of the big challenges we have is our chassis is very heavy so many of the competitors are building their own chassis from carbon fibre.”

The 37.7-mile TT course goes from sea level to 1,400ft and includes 200 bends. But Hussain said the TTX01 would not compete.

“It won’t be competitive enough,” he said. “This is the fastest road-legal electric bike today but that is not going to be for long. Bikes in development will be able to go much quicker for longer.”

The TTX01 has a range of just 30 miles if ridden at 100mph on a flat surface.

© PE Publishing, 10 December 2008


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