Accelerating The Depletion of the UK’s Gas Reserves

 The action reported below will accelerate the depletion of the UK’s gas reserves and will, in the near amd medium term make us increasingly dependent on Russian gas and the foreign owned utilities that control the UK’s rapidly failing infrastructure.

It is depressing that politicians with young families can coninue t act on partisan lines, allowing a vicious circle to form that will tear our society apart.


Russian gas crisis to keep bills high as firms divert UK stocks

Britain now exporting supplies to Europe through pipeline as shortages spread

Hopes of big cuts in household energy bills faded yesterday as traders drove up UK prices by exporting gas to fill a growing shortage across Europe.

Despite freezing temperatures and rising demand in Britain, traders switched from importing to exporting gas through an interconnector pipeline to continental Europe as a growing row between Russia and Ukraine left many countries short of supplies.

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