The Resource Intensity of Nourishment

 The comment below taken from a longer article, illustrates the need for a more holisic  and systemic approach to the management of businesses and other organisations to continually improve the quality of the products and services delivered,  thereby minimising the risk in their creation, use and disposal.

It is clear from this research that already 75% of producers realise the benefits of doing this.

In the current turmoil we have to enable the change if we are to continually reduce the resource intensity per capita of nourishment and balance the ‘one planet equation’


What are Agricultural Retailers Thinking?

Purdue University has studied the retail segment of the crop input industry longest. Dr. Dave Downy brought new information to Austin pointing out that producers place themselves in one of three broad categories when buying products from retailers:
a.    25% are economic buyers: they value the lowest price.
b.    45% are business buyers: they value an alignment with what a retailer provides in products and services that help ensure the producer reaches measurable financial objectives over the next three to five years.
c.    30% are relationship buyers: they place highest value on familiar relationships.
Just a few years ago the “business buyer” was 30% of the total, surpassed by both economic and relationship buyers. Purdue projects the business buyer category will continue to grow.
Purdue University, School of Agriculture

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