A Steady State Solution to the One Planet Equation?

From Mel Starrs’s excellent Elemental Blog, see sidebar, comes the link and comment below.

The reality of the ‘One Planet Equation’ is irrefutable but the possibility of a ‘steady state solution’ is questionable in human terms as we have found, even in the  possibility of creating  ‘steady state growth’ in the existing economic paradigm.

Better to recognise the dynamic relationship between the variables of the ‘one planet equation’, Population, Consumption and Resource Intensity, and work towards a dynamic solution to the equation, a fundamental engineering concept that, for example, keeps the Eurofighter flying.

That’s why this Blog states the First Law of Sustainability as ‘In a resource constrained environment, goods and services can only grow at the rate at which they can be dematerialised.’ Positively and dynamically.


Gaian Economics: Is this the year of the steady state? – Best (and most simple) definition of capitalism I’ve seen in a while: “The problem with interest and other forms of using money to make money is that it is mortgaging the future. Since money is expanding, goods will need to be increased so that they are available when the people who have that money come to demand them. And all those goods need resources and energy to make them. This is an unsustainable way of running an economy.”

This is linked to the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy http://www.steadystate.org/CASSEFeaturesSSE.html


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