A National Government for the UK?

 Below is a copy of an email in response to Peter Oborne’s Column in the Daily Mail today. http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/debate/article-1104524/PETER-OBORNE-Ditch-Speaker-Martin-make-Vince-Cable-Chancellor-freeze-Tories–Browns-masterplan-2009.html

 Comments welcome as always


I note your analysis in the Daily Mail today and feel the need to restate my belief, proffered to you on previous occasions that this is inevitable and has to be seen as a rethinking and recasting of our democratic processes and institutions, not an emergency expedient.


There is no way that the increasingly disparate set on Nations that comprise the UK, of divided talents, squandering limited ingenuity, can be steered sucessfully to the future that awaits us as we stand, naked in the face of adversity.


          Bitter pills have to be swallowed in our realisation that post-industrial Utopias are unachievable and unsustainable in societies that have come to believe that they can delegate the creation, maintenance and extension of their infrastructure and underpinning to others, and have educated for too long in that belief.


          After the turmoil of the financial crisis it will be foolish in the extreme to operate in the belief that gas, for example, will continue to flow past continental Europe if and when supply is interrupted, as now, for any prolonged period.


          As you say, much of this will happen sooner than expected.




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