Wasting Our Watts – the Cruelest Deception

The thrust of the  article below, from Time Magazine, whilst in essence based on fact and the excellent work of Amory Lovins et. al.  – it is also the cruelest deception, based on the continued misunderstanding of the words ‘efficiency’ and ‘effective’. See the link to Amory’s Blog on the sidebar.

To gain the maximum in the reduction of ‘resource intensity’ it is the effective use of these that is critical, doing the right thing; not efficiently doing the wrong thing. Saying “We don’t have to sacrifice comfort or change routines to get efficient”  is clearly a deception, whether intended or not.

Comfort is a subjective word and I will leave that to one side but ‘changing routines’ is clearly a prerequisite to becoming effective in our use of energy, physical resources, time and human ingenuity.

Time and ingenuity are the critical resources and are being totally ignored in all discussion at this time.


Wasting Our Watts


By Michael Grunwald Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008

…………………………..Now this may sound like Jimmy Carter’s 30-year-old plea for us to turn down the heat and put on sweaters or like an eco-lecture nagging us to turn off lights, drive less and otherwise change our behavior to save energy. It would be nice if we did, but that’s conservation, not efficiency. We don’t have to sacrifice comfort or change routines to get efficient. Doing less with less may be admirable, but efficiency is about doing the same or more with less. And studies by groups as diverse as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and even the National Petroleum Council have identified efficiency as the way to start addressing our energy and climate crises. In fact, we’ve already started; the Alliance to Save Energy calculates that without the efficiency gains we’ve made since the last energy crisis, in 1973, our economy would use nearly 50% more energy today. That’s more than we get from oil, twice what we get from coalor natural gas and six times what we get from nuclear plants. ……………………………



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