What’s in a Word? – The World in Crisis

 Here we stand on the brink of a low carbon future, whether we plan for it or not, and we face a crisis of words and semantics.

The words and phrases that describe our symptoms are topping the list of the most popular words of 2009, but google for the words and phrases where our salvation lies ‘resource intensity’ or ‘resource efficiency’ and you will be sorely pressed to find a reference.

The other word that is conspicuous by its absence from the list is ‘Land’, another finite resource being much fought over this New Year.

The only thing the individual can do in 2009 is strive towards ‘Being the Change’


 Austin, TX, USA October 13, 2008 – In an analysis completed just weeks before the US Presidential Elections, the Global Language Monitor has announced that Change, Climate Change & Bailout stood atop the Top Political Buzzwords List released earlier today.


  PQI Oct 7, 2008 Comment
1 Change  No 1 for the entire election Cycle; good bet for Word of the Year
2 Climate Change Bigger than ‘Bailout’ bigger than ‘Recession’
3 Bailout  Not even on the radar 90 days ago
4 Recession World economy imploding but still not officially a ‘recession’
5 Experience  Obama’s experience questioned 2.4 X more than that of Palin
6 Gasoline Though prices are dropping, still No. 5
7 Sub prime How we got into this mess in the first place

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