Business Takes a Lead on Sustainable Consumption?

 The report below is of consequence as it admits the reality that the resource intensity of the products and services we consume is unsustainable, that some of these will have to be eliminated and  that the businesses that can identify the ‘essential’  needs of consumers will be the ones that ‘keep ahead of the oil curve’ and thrive – the essence of this blog!


Geneva, 17 December 2008 – Business can play a leading role in fostering more sustainable consumption patterns, according to a report released today by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. – Download the report (PDF 1.3 MB):


 The report, “Sustainable Consumption: Facts and trends from a business perspective”, is the result of a year-long study of the relationship between business activities, consumer behavior and environmental and social challenges.


The report says current global consumption patterns are unsustainable. “It is becoming apparent that efficiency gains and technological advances alone will not be sufficient to bring global consumption to a sustainable level; changes will also be required to consumer lifestyles, including the ways in which consumers choose and use products and services.”



For further information contact – Moira O’Brien-Malone, Media Relations, WBCSD, Tel: +41 79 377 7958 or


Comments from the Foreword


“not merely in the sense of ‘green products’, but in the sense of offering smarter consumer-orientated solutions that link product quality to the shared responsibility of producers and consumers. The environmental footprint of the product in terms of production and disposal …………… will be decisive”


Global Chief Marketing Officer – Henkel


“Addressing sustainable consumption requires innovative(ingenious) thinking that goes ‘beyond the fence’. The fundamentals of business activity in society will be impacted by resource shortages and environmental degradation”


Global director – Addidas


“Overlooking this trend would be short-sighted and a risk for any company, and we believe it is the responsible companies who will be sucessful in the long run”


Vice President, Nokia


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