Intelligent Buildings or Intelligent Occupants?

Whilst ‘Smart Building Technology’ is a useful component of delivering the ‘designed environmental performance’, especially in commercial buildings, it must be borne in mind that at the current rate of replacement, most domestic dwellings will be around for decades yet.

The smartest element in any dwelling is its occupants, but our failure to educate ourselves in systems thinking prevents intelligent use in most cases. Education in systems thinking and the demand side management of energy and other resources is the key to our futures, not ‘intelligent buildings’ of themselves.


Smart home systems and the Code for Sustainable Homes

Ibexcellence, an intelligent buildings network group run by BRE, has launched a report on how smart home technologies could help new dwellings meet the performance levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The report aims to open a dialogue between government and industry about incorporating smart home systems into the Code and mainstream practice, and is open for consultation until 30 January. Copies of Smart Home Systems and the Code for Sustainable Homes are available for download from the ibexcellence website and any comments can be made to


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