The Resource Intensity of Information

 Clip from article at again, as in other examples, it is thinking at system level that is the key to the continual reduction in the resource intensity of goods and services.


Squeeze That Dollar
Those with more modest resources essentially have only two options: Add floor space, power, and cooling, or increase efficiency to make existing resources go further. With so few respondents indicating that their budgets will increase next year, we don’t expect many greenfield builds. That means the primary way for most of us to meet growing demand will be to incrementally increase the efficiency of older facilities that likely weren’t built to handle modern loads.

Efficiency is not just about energy. In the data center, it’s also about squeezing the last dollar out of what has been invested and extending a resource’s life for as long as possible. Much of the disproportionate growth in data center investment is being driven by inefficient mechanical and electrical infrastructure design, and that’s where a facilities partnership comes in.

Effective design also mean giving up entrenched data center stereotypes. Who wants to design a mission-critical facility that breaks with the tradition of a raised floor, or runs at 80 degrees? Yet, that’s just what leaders like Google are doing, at great economic advantage. Their lessons can be used in our legacy data centers. In addition, in our practice we’ve found that it’s considered cutting edge for a facility to monitor itself as a total system and dynamically respond based on sensing resource demands, rather than on preprogrammed schedules. This, too, is changing as centralized monitoring, control, and intelligent software become more affordable.


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