At Poznan, no one is listening

This clip from a comment by Jeremy Leggett makes the problem we face clear, and whilst this blog is taking the view that we have to deal with our ‘addiction’, the side effects must be kept in mind

Still, no one is talking about the underlying stupendous educational effort that will be needed to deliver the knowledge and skills needed to liberate the ingenuity required to reduce resource intensity of all the products and services we consume or create and make available, the ‘low carbon technologies’ so blithely talked about by politicians and NGOs

See previous post on Systems Thinking in Education.


The IEA, in Poznan, thereby added its name to the growinglist of institutions calling for what is now widely referred to as a green new deal. I asked Tanaka whether he knew of the recent study by a group of eight UK companies, the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security.These companies, including my own, have conducted a business-risk assessment of the likelihood of the “six Saudi Arabias”.

Our conclusion is that it is unlikely that the oil industry will close the widening gap between depletion and demand within a few years. Peak oil, we fear, is going to hit the oil-dependent world hard. Many oil-importing countries risk experiencing peak oil not as an energy crisis, but an energy famine, as producers cut off their exports for use at home. Peak oil might, if we are smart and lucky, galvanise a proactive mass mobilisation of the alternatives that can abate both the energy-security and climate threats, and so soften the landing in the global energy crisis. On the other hand, if many governments choose to forget about climate change in their scramble for alternatives, it could also mobilise technologies like tar sands and liquids-from-coal on a scale that would drown any effort to deal with global warming.


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