Prevaricating about Symptoms and Ignoring the Addiction

As our ‘About Us’ page says we are prevaricating about the symptoms of our addiction rather than searching for the cure. Fiddling whilst the planet burns – selling our children and grandchildren into penury at best, global disaster for our species at worst.

Face reality, confront your addiction and join the adventure, don’t just let the worst future happen, help create a better, more sustainable one.

Dominic Lawson has recognised how disingenuous this process is, of avoiding action by constantly debating the symptoms.


Dominic Lawson: Kyoto is worthless (and you don’t have to be a sceptic to believe that now)

The EU has managed to claim success while increasing emissions by 13 per cent

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Seldom has a politician’s call to action been so rapidly answered. Mr Ed Miliband gives a newspaper interview in which he demands “popular mobilisation” to force the world’s governments to push through an agreement to limit carbon emissions. Within hours, members of the Plane Stupid campaign occupy the runway at Stansted Airport, causing arriving planes to circle for hours before being diverted. Well done, Ed!

In fact the Secretary of State for the Environment’s demand for a “countervailing force” to be applied to the carbon foot-draggers was anticipated: last week, “climate protesters” broke into one of Britain’s biggest power stations, managing to cut almost two per cent of the nation’s power supplies. I imagine that the Secretary of State for Energy will be having stern words with Ed Miliband. This, though, would mean Mr Miliband shouting at himself, like a lunatic on a street-corner, since he is the Secretary of State for Energy, as well. Who says we don’t have joined-up government?……………………..


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