President Elect Obama on YouTube

 In the clip below and through the links, President Elect, Barack Obama outlines his thoughts on the actions to be taken, but at no point is it evident that the underlying issues are recognised, that the western economies face the following problems built up over the 20th Century.

·   Our democratic system.

·   The demographic fact that the WWII bulge of children is now retiring.

·   That we have had over a century of ‘education for industrial and environmental decline’.

·   That an ingenuity/innovation gap exists.

·   The transition of control in the western companies from engineers to accountants and lawyers.

·   The continuing reductionist/compliance approach to organisational management. 

·   Engineering contract optimism on cost and time.


Until these issues are recognised time, money and effort will not be properly directed to address systemic transformation but will be squandered on reductionist, end of pipe solutions, using borrowed funds to pay for products, services and skills from elsewhere.

Fundamental flaws in our democratic process have allowed us to create these problems and we will – this Century, assuming no doomsday, enter a more sustainable world, but the western democracies will have a far lower quality of life, even lower than a more equitable share of current resources would indicate.

Mr. Obama proposes to charge ahead, asserting that extensive government support is needed to preserve and create jobs while building the latticework of a 21st century economy.

Although Mr. Obama put no price tag on his plan, he said he would invest record amounts of money in the vast infrastructure program, which also includes work on schools, sewer systems, mass transit, electrical grids, dams and other public utilities. The green jobs would include various categories, including jobs dedicated to creating alternative fuels, windmills and solar panels; building energy efficient appliances, or installing fuel-efficient heating or cooling systems.

“It’s now clear that Obama intends to stimulate the economy through large direct government spending on infrastructure projects as well as through business and individual tax cuts,” said Mr. Bledsoe, now an official of the National Commission on Energy Policy, a nonpartisan research group in Washington. “He is advocating things like guaranteeing every American a college education, wiring the entire country for Internet, putting in a smart electric grid. If he can do it, these will be major systemic advantages for the United States in the competitive global economy.”


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