Reducing the Resource Intensity of the Individual

Here an attempt is made to express this aim in a of language of basic building bricks to form a framework that can be built upon. Note – A process is an activity that transforms an input into an output whilst consuming resources.

It logically follows therefore, that the least resource intensive process is the one that doesn’t exist.

The individual’s use of resources is made up of the individual times his or her consumption (P*C) and key to enabling a reduction in resource intensity is to reflect on which ‘core processes’ make up the individual’s ‘Quality of Life’.

Then the individual must eliminate all the processes that do not contribute to this and work to continually reduce the ‘loss to society’ that results from the remaining ones.

Regularly, quality of life must be reviewed to further eliminate redundant processes, or add additional, but essential ones. These the, mostly,  the subconscious action we take when

  • Money or resources are freely available, and our ‘quailty of life’ expands to include all possibilities.
  • We take an environmental or spiritual stance and our ‘quality of life’ incorporates these values
  • A time of scarcity of money makes us think about what really constitutes our ‘quality of life’ and we are passing through a period like this now
  • A time of scarcity of physical resources make us do the same, which is happening now in the case of oil, the effects will begin as a lack of money to afford resources.

This is, at best, a planned attempt to avoid being forced down  Maslow’s Pyramid from self-actualisation to survival for the citizen’s of western economies. The reality for most of the world’s population.


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