Bye Bye Standby

From SmallBizPod 

Bye Bye Standby is one of the companies that has made a bit of a name for itself recently for its home appliances. They are radio-controlled and each has a ‘channel’ associated with it. A central device can switch off all equipment associated with a particular channel.

Last month the company launched its professional range for businesses and it estimates that it will save “in excess of £50 per individual per year”. I guess that means office worker, but the system will work with more than just power sockets. Versions can be wired in-line to electrical feeds and also directly into appliances such as lights and air-conditioning units.

Importantly, these devices meter electricity usage and send readings the BBS Energy Manager software which gives a business detailed information about energy usage and CO2 emissions. The software can also switch equipment off. At night, for example.

Key benefits

  • Cut your energy costs by up to £45 per employee per year
  • Detailed reports showing how much each department, building or area costs to run
  • Drill down information about what each employee is costing you in energy use
  • Fully automated shutdown of PCs at night and at the weekend
  • Automatically turns off vending machines, photocopiers and other office equipment when it is not required
  • Manual override systems fitted as standard for those early morning starts
  • Cost effective – begins to pay for itself in as little as 3 months with a typical ROI of less than 2 years and Government assistance is available for almost all organisations.
  • Full installation and support services available including grant and state aid guidance

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