The Natural Edge Project

Driven by a team of early career Australians, this non-profit Project receives mentoring and support from a range of experts and leading organisations in Australia and internationally, through a generational exchange model. TNEP is administratively hosted in-kind by Griffith University and Australian National University.


TNEP’s mission is to contribute to and succinctly communicate leading research, case studies, tools and strategies for achieving sustainable development across government, business and civil society. Our generation has an obligation – and an exciting opportunity – to be part of the solution in restoring the balance. 

·         Imagine… if organisations could improve their bottom line while being planetary caretakers…

·         Imagine… if national economies could grow more than business as usual and contribute positively to society and the environment…

TNEP is about making these visions a reality – we rely on mentoring and collaboration, using lessons from the last 30 years to ensure the next 30 make our children proud. 


See Link on the side bar under ‘Solution Research’


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