Resource Intensity and Systems Thinking

Looking for a BSc or MSc Course in ‘Systems Thinking’ or ‘Reduction in Resource Intensity’, well Googling will find none.

The UK government releases a Report today on how we can reduce the ‘carbon intensity’ of the economy and these two subjects are at the core of this necessity, and the raison d’etre of this blog.

They find no overt expression in the UK educational system from primary to postgraduate at the present time.

Their only explicit expression I can find is under ‘Quality’ in the Key Stage 3 and 4 Design and Technology Curriculum

9a. How far it ( product or service) meets a clear need

9b. Its fitness for purpose

9c. Whether it is an appropriate use of resources. (does it minimise resource intensity)

9d. Its impact beyond the purpose for which it is designed e.g. environmental and social

Our future as a coherent and cohesive society and economy depends on our ability to ‘ maximise the value added to society from the products and services we consume whilst working to continually reduce the ‘loss to society’ that results’ – the sustainability journey

dd  – to be continued


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