Construction Sustainability – the Journey continues

 Today I attended an energy conference in Manchester and picked up the latest edition of Arups A2 Magazine. Alan Belfield says in his editorial ” And why is Arup any better placed than others to advise on the future? We believe it stems from our core values which place ‘quality’, an ‘holistic’ approach and social impact at the heart of everything we do”. Peter Head, on page 16 says “we need a sustainable way of living where the global economy is in harmony with the size of the eco-system that supports it” and on page 27, Michael Heseltine says “competitiveness is about a million different, tiny things accumulating into excellence. This is the essence of the Japanese success”

I venture to suggest that this is  the ‘one planet equation’ and the concept of resource intensity outlined on this blog, and that quality thinking on a systemic level is the way to deliver it. My ‘opinion piece’ below published in the may edition of Building Services Journal emphasises this. Of course the logic applies to any organisation.



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