Climate Change Disconnect

 As this survey shows, concentrating on the symptoms of our addiction leads to a ‘disconnect’; Governments cannot ‘act’ on climate change, only organisations and individuals can act to reduce the resource intensity of all they consume, either as services or products. Government can only act to incentivise by the carrot or stick, and only by weighing the balance of probabilities of resource intensity reduction will the appropriate action be clear. Correct action will lead to more viable (sustainable) organisations and economies.

Consumers around the world want governments to stop haggling and start acting on climate change, according to a survey carried out in 12 countries by a coalition of climate groups.

Despite the looming prospect of a deep global recession, 43% of the 12,000 respondents of the survey chose climate change ahead of the global economy when asked about their current concerns. Worldwide, 77% of respondents wanted to see their governments cutting carbon by their fair share or more, in order to allow developing countries to grow their economies.

The survey was carried out for the HSBC Climate Partnership, a collaboration between the international bank and climate NGOs including WWF, the Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.


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