The Rise of the Demagogues?

From the UK Pre-Budget Statement there is no indication that the governing elite have any understanding of the needs of a viable UK economy, of the need to provide useful work for a population of 70 million at a time of rapidly decreasing net useful energy. The incoming US administration is saying some sensible things but whether they can be delivered remains to be seen. The BBC2 Programme last night ‘American Time Bomb’ made the position clear and suggested, as I have, that it will lead to the rise of demagogues


This is from an email to Peter Oborne of the Daily Mail in September  


“The situation we are now in is surreal. Gordon Brown, saying the situation can only be resolved at global level and then the Parties, scrap like cat and dog at national level – we seem to have a coterie of spoilt children, with little idea of how the grown-up world functions, fighting over a train set and wondering why it keeps coming off the rails.


 Nowhere within our education system is instilled in society the risks and costs of not doing the right thing right, every time – the most important of which is the risk and possible catastrophic costs of external failure, of which the 2008 financial disaster and the coming energy disaster are the latest examples


 As George Soros contends, social systems are reflective and even with an intimate understanding of, what are termed the costs of poor quality; the deviations from equilibrium in systems involving humans will sometimes get out of hand.


This requires intervention, but the danger at the present time is that this will become draconian and add to the appraisal costs of organisations, stifling competition and innovation.


 What we have to do, consciously, is to feed external signals into the virtuous circle to drive innovation in system sustainability, a never-ending journey that requires the skills and knowledge of all the stakeholders to enable system learning and liberate the necessary ingenuity.


The captain of a sailing ship knows this – the watches cannot keep changing and each one altering the trim of the sails – therein lies disaster on an uncharted rock or lee shore.




“The ‘virtuous circle’ can be applied at all levels – if we apply it to the democratic system, I come to the unfortunate conclusion – every time a politician changes jobs they think they have the right answer, so the requirement of ‘doing the right thing right, every time’, is compromised and as they have to be re-elected every five years – their ingenuity is mainly used in staying in office rather than improving the process.”


This is also recognised by George Soros who says on page 39 of his latest book ISBN 978-1-58648-683-9


“The primary purpose of political discourse is to gain power and to stay in power. Those who fail to recognise this are unlikely to be in power. The only way politicians can be persuaded to pay more respect for reality is by the electorate insisting on it, rewarding those who it considers truthful and insightful, and punishing those who engage in deliberate deception. ………….An open society can only be as virtuous as the people living in it” – or as I content – understand the power and obligations of the ‘virtuous circle’”


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