Inheriting the Future

It seems clear that organisations have to consider the implications of the need to reduce resource intensity, in line with the one planet equation, which requires transformational change brought about by quality thinking.


Strategic consideration of the appropriateness of a business model in the light of the first law of sustainability – ‘that in a resource constrained environment, goods and services can only grow at the rate at which they can be dematerialised’ must be continually undertaken.


At the present time this is not the way organisations are looking at the future – but wishing and hoping that things will return to ‘normal’. This is not possible as yesterday’s ‘normal’ has proved to be but a trick with smoke and mirrors.


SATs being just one example of increasing resource intensity through the use of external targets on the educational system.


Of course, underlying all this is the reality that the ‘least resource intense process is the one that doesn’t exist’ and that in the future Doing the Right Thing will require ‘dematerialising’ many products and services to zero.


The societies and organisations that recognise this and ‘keep ahead of the oil curve’ will be the ones who inherit the future.




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